Privacy Policy

This privacy statement sets out our current policies and demonstrates our commitment to your privacy. We may change the content or services at any time without notice, and our privacy policy may change at any time in the future. By visiting you are accepting the points and the principles described below. Our Privacy Policy comes in conjunction with our Terms of Service, which together establish the full agreement between you and ShopConstruct.

Information We Collect

We only collect information about you if we have a reason to do so–for example, to provide our services, to communicate with you, or to enhance the service quality. We can collect particular type of information such as IP address to increase the website usage satisfaction level. Once you have created an account on our website, we collect the registration data filled in during the account creation which includes name, email address, password. We may use the provided email address in case if you agree to receive newsletters.

Plugin Collected Data

All the collected data is only used to make the service we provide better. We do respect and are interested in protecting the user privacy. We do not share user data with any third party services or users. Collected data includes: geolocation through IP addresses (used for shipping price calculation); shipping card cookie (used to display items added to cart previously); order details (information provided during product checkout). All the order details can be removed if that order is removed. You can send us a request to remove it. No billing information is collected. All the collected data is kept in the website, where the plugin is installed. No data is collected or sent to

What Information We Can Share

We may share the information provided in the following cases:

  1. to company that offers transaction services you request, to make all the transactions secure
  2. to protect us if any legal action is taken, dispute opened
  3. to provide to third parties in case of future merge with another company.

Privacy Policy Updates and Changes

ShopConstruct may update or change the Privacy Policy without a notice. Revisit this page to stay aware of the possible changes to this Privacy Policy.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions, inquiries or support requests submit a form and we will be back to you with a complete respond to any inquiry, request. The response time can differ due to timezone difference.