Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find themes for ShopConstruct?

Use the theme you wish and you like the most. ShopConstruct doesn’t require any specific themes to create an eShop.ShopConstruct generates Category and Single product shortcodes to be added to any theme.

How to add a single product?

To add single product, go to plugin products section> click on the plus button. A popup window will open to fill in product details.

How to add digital and downloadable products?

To add digital and downloadable product, go to plugin products section> click on the plus button. After filling in the popup information, enable “Downloadable Product” option and upload the file itself.

How to set up a PayPal?

To set up PayPal, go plugin “Checkout” section, click on “Enable PayPal standard” and add your PayPal email.

Can customers purchase products without using PayPal?

The checkout process has 4 payment options which include PayPal, BACS, Cheque and Cash on Delivery.

Can I sell digital products?

Any kind of product type can be sold with the plugin. Starting from physical products which will be delivered to digital/downloadable products that can be downloaded.

How to publish single product?

To publish the product, copy its shortcode, add to post or page, click Publish button.

How to publish products list?

To publish product list, assign a category to products> copy category shortcode> add to post or page. Select “List” option from “Category Grid layout”.

How to display / publish list of categories?

To publish list of categories, copy all category shortcodes> add to a single post or page> publish it. Product categories will be displayed as albums.

What's the difference between ShopConstruct Pro vs Free?

Pro version includes “Style Settings” section with various styling options.

What my user will see after he made a purchase?

The user will see a confirmation message after the purchase. In case of downloadable products, your users will receive an email with a downloadable link.