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Shopconstrut is easy to use e-commerce solution for WordPress websites. It doesn't require specific themes or WooCommerce integration. Absolutely independent plugin with all functional you will need for your online store.

ShopConstruct - WordPress E-commerce Plugin

The most user-friendly ecommerce plugin on WordPress so far

It's Simple

  • Inventory managment is super easy with ShopConstruct admin panel. You will agree with us from first seconds of usign it.
  • Publishing with shortcode gives you opportunity to include any grid or product anywhere you need in your post, page or php code.
  • Orders management. All the orders are being collected in orders managment page where you can add edit or remove them.
  • Styling and Displaying is being managed from one place seperated intuitevly and armed with many options.
Kevin - Outdoor Furniture Store Owner Kevin - Outdoor Furniture Store Owner Kevin - Outdoor Furniture Store Owner

Modern design, with style customization features

It's Beautiful

  • Minimalistic Grids that will suit with any website. Just give the active color from options and choose between greed or list.
  • Elegant Product Page with all necessary information and functionality on it will offer your products to your customers professionally.
  • At the same time plugin automatically integrates cart in your main menu so your website will look like professional ecommerce. Cart can be viewed on popup, this is something your users will like a lot.

    Not to confuse you during design customization plugin gets active color from admin panel and automatically changes all the active elements color. So ShopConstruct can be integrated with any theme.

Adrina - Hat Store Owner in Canada Adrina - Hat Store Owner in Canada

High converting construction tested on absolutely different audiences

It's Profitable

Our team has split tested the conversion of Category Grids and Product Pages on many websites offering a different type of products to absolutely different audiences, as a result, we assure you that the most optimized construction is provided by the plugin.

Just make sure to upload high resolution images and provide detailed information to your products. Sales and profit are inevitable.

Emily - Modern Sunglasses Store Owner in Peru

Powerful Dashboard

Category, inventory, attributes, shipping, SKU, tags, reviews, checkout, product types. These and many other options are provided in ShopConstruct admin.
Just give a try!

All in 3 Easy Steps

No confusing settings and configurations. Just follow these 3 step right after the installation.


Create Product Category

If you are not selling a single product, you will probably need to separate them into categories.

What you need to do is to go to Categories page on the left menu, find a huge red button with plus symbol and add a new category.

You can also hierarchy them by defining a parent category.

ShopConstruct - Create New Category

Add Products in Category

When you are done with categories, of course, you will need the products. So on the same right menu go to Products page and guess what? Yes! Same huge red button at the top of the page. Hit the button, add product info, play with options and tick on the category checkbox to which the product belongs.

ShopConstruct - Add New Product

Publish Categories Anywhere Using Shortcodes

You already have categories and products set up, so it’s time to share your products with your customers. What you need to do, is to go back to Categories page, find shortcodes on the category list and just copy the shortcode of category you want to publish and paste it on page or post, wherever you want.

Moreover, if you go to Products page, you will find shortcodes on products list as well. So in the case you want to share a single product, you are able to do that without any difficulties.

ShopConstruct - Use Shortcodes To Publish Your Products

Why to sell with ShopConstruct ?

ShopConstruct is based on WordPress so anyone familiar with WordPress will manage it in few minutes. It is super easy to use, designed for lazy and not technical people =)

If you are thinking of selling online here some key points that ShopConstruct offers:

  • Complete e-commerce solution with intuitive and easy to use admin panel.

  • Customer success team that will help you both with technical and marketing problems.

  • Acceptable prices - 1 month Pro Subscription only for a price of a single lunch.

Key Features

A lot of other awesome features are waiting for you in the plugin.

Payment Options

Paypal, BASC, Cheque and of course Cash On Delivery.

Different Product Types

Digital, Downloadable and Material products.

Shipping Zones

Create shipping zones and specify shipping price for each zone.

Shopping Cart

Insert Shopping Cart button in your menus or wherever you want using a shortcode.

Checkout Page

The plugin automatically creates checkout page but you can also use its shortcode.

Image Zoom

Product pages are armed with beautiful image zoom functionality.

Product Rating System

Star Reviews with comment is integrated in plugin.

Automated Emails

Plugin will automatically send necessary emails to you and your customers.

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Mistakes to avoid while starting an online store

Mistakes to avoid while starting an online store

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Why Start Selling Online Today?

Why Start Selling Online Today?

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Starting an E-commerce Website?

Starting an E-commerce Website?

Anyone can start an online business to make money and for that, you need nothing but a computer. No technical knowledge required even. Just to work more or less it's your choice. E-commerce or Electronic commerce is actually buying and selling of Goods through an electronic network, i.e. through the internet. Can be a business and consumer relationship.

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